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Seven Simple Steps
Step 4


Step 1---accuracy level of 360-days in a year

360 days in a year?

Step 2 ---accuracy level of 365-days in a year 

Step 3 ---accuracy level of 365.25-days in a year 

Supplement --- The 40-year cycle

Step 4 ---accuracy level of 365.2425-days in a year 

Step 5 ---accuracy level of 365.2422-days in a year 

Step 6 ---accuracy level of 365.2421896-days in a year 

Step 7 ---accuracy level of 365.24218967-days in a year 

Perfection! The alternative 3840-year cycle



Step 4: The Modern (Gregorian) year of 365.2425 days:

(4000-year cycles)

The 360-day prophetic calendar must add 7 leap months every 40 years, with the leap month on the 4000th year omitted, in order to keep in perfect synchronization with the sun. This will produce an accuracy level exactly the same as our modern (Gregorian) calendar of 365.2425 days. 


The leap month of the 100th cycle of the
40-year cycles must be omitted

4000-year Cycles

100 cycles of 40 years = 4000 years


14,610 days in a 40-year cycle, with 30 days less on the 100th cycle equals 1,460,970 days in 4000 years.

1,460,970 days divided by 4000 years equals an average year of 365.2425.


The bible speaks of 40 years in the wilderness and 400 years in Egypt, so now we have 4000-year cycles. Moreover, a generation in the bible was 40 or 100 years. So now we have 40 times 100 years ( = 4000 years)! We have either 40 or 100 generations---depending on how one looks at it. A generation of generations! Thus the theme of 'generational cycles' continues. (Please see Endnote for exactly when the 4000-year cycles begins.)

Moreover, 4000 years is commonly looked upon as symbolic of just 4 days in bible prophecy using the familiar biblical ratio of "a day is as a thousand years," (1Pet. 3:8, cf., Ps. 90:4). For instance, it is commonly believed that Jesus Christ came into the world about 4000 years from the creation according the biblical chronological record. Thus, Christ was born at the end of this great cycle---From the first Adam to the last Adam, (1Cor. 15:45). We are now half way through the second 4000 year cycle. 

As said, the 4000-year cycles cause the average solar year to work out to 365.2425 days, which is the same as our modern (Gregorian) calendar. Now it 'happens' that scientists estimate that the solar year was just that---365.24250 days around 4000 BC! (The average length of a solar year is shrinking extremely slowly.) Hence, the traditional year of creation just 'happens' to have had a solar year of of exactly 365.2425 days---which generates these great 4000-year cycles, the first of which just 'happens' to have occurred at the birth of Christ!

The following is quoted off the Internet, "The Julian and the Gregorian Calendar" by Peter Meyer. The highlighting is mine.)

"...All agree, however, that due to the gravitational dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Moon system the length of the tropical year (however defined) is changing slowly. The length of the tropical year on 2000-01-01 is calculated by some astronomers to be 365.24218967 days, but at this level of precision the value depends on the definition of the concept. The value changes significantly with the millennia, however, as follows (according to a formula in common use among astronomers):

  Year           Length of tropical year in days
 -5000           365.24253
 -4000           365.24250
 -3000           365.24246
 -2000           365.24242
 -1000           365.24237
     0           365.24231
  1000           365.24225
  2000           365.24219
  3000           365.24213
  4000           365.24207
  5000           365.24201

Thus the value of the tropical year varies over this 10,000-year time-span by as much as .00052 days (about 45 seconds)." 


Therefore, at the Creation, before sin and the curse, the tropical year was 365.24250, but by our time 6000 years later (at the end of the world?) it is now 365.24219. The difference between these two numbers is extremely slight, but as we shall see, God is using both numbers---that is, what the tropical year was originally created to be, and what it is now. They are in fact two witnesses to the One who created this clock. The prophetic clock uses both ends of this 6000-year spectrum.

The 365.2425 generates the said cycles of 4000 year periods. However, the current 365.2422 days (rounded from 365.24219) generates the need for 100,000-year cycles, or 1000 generations of 100 years. As we shall see, this is a most significant number! 


There are three ways of looking at the 360-calendar. 
All three are amazing! All three work together!
See 360-Bible Prophecy Calendar for details.

We will look at the still more precise figure of 365.24218967 days in the second section of our study. The 100,000 is a rounding off of the still more accurate 96,000-year cycle. If we stick to round numbers, and this is important for a calendar to be usable, then the final 100,000 cycle is the route to go. However, if absolute accuracy is what one desires, (and this is the flip side of what a good calendar system must also have), then there are two other methods to use. At any rate, all are true representations of the 360-prophetic calendar. 

Remember, the purpose of the calendar is not to live by now, but is an aid for grasping the eternal reign of Jesus, and a testimony to His certain coming. It is for this reason that either methods are correct. Moreover, both methods interact with one another in a complex array of patterns. Is it simplicity you want? Then stick to the 100,000-year method. Is it accuracy? Then see the 3840-method. Is it a balance of both? Then there is the middle-of-the-road approach where instead of 100,000 years, we have the more accurate 96,000 years, etc. Either way, all are accurate and all are symmetrically intertwined. (Click here for the other two systems of adjustment.) Nevertheless, when we say that the 100,000 cycle is 'less accurate,' keep in mind that even at this lesser accuracy, it still surpasses most (if not all) other calendars devised by man! As a matter of fact, the solar year commonly given in the scientific community is a rounded 365.2422, which is exactly what the 100,000 cycle amounts to!


To step 5:
Surpassing the accuracy of our modern calendar 
and setting our clock to 365.2422 days."

(100,000-year cycle)





A Few Technical Notes:

1. New-years day of Nisan (Abib) 1st (morning) of the 360 calendar landed on April 9, 1446 BC (Gregorian calendar, but which was April 22 Julian). (April 9th on the conventional Jewish calendar that year was about Nisan 11.) The Julian day # is 1193382. (That day, therefore, symbolized as AD 1 as explained later.)

2. The 4000-year cycles began in 4006 BC at the Creation and again when they entered Egypt in 1446 BC. (Nisan 1 on the 360 calendar in 4006 BC falls on, or about, the spring equinox, March 21 Gregorian, which is April 22 Julian, which happens to be Nisan 1 on the regular Jewish calendar {as well as the 360 calendar}, which makes it a new moon! {Julian #258342.} The new moon, the spring equinox, and the start of the 360 calendar are therefore perfectly aligned with this Creation date to signal 'a new beginning'. However, it is my personal view that this date is merely symbolic for the Creation, and that the actual Creation date may be something else.

Note that both Creation ( 4006 BC) and the Exodus (1446 BC, see note #1) run along the same 40-year cycles.

The first 4000-year cycle ends at about the time of the conception of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ in 6 BC, (Julian #1719312, March 21 Gregorian, 23rd Julian). There are 64 generations/cycles of 40 years that pass between the Creation and the Exodus, and once again, 64 is a square-root figure, that is, 8 x 8, (or 8 x 8 x 8 x 5 years = 2560 years). Fittingly, the number "eight" in the bible symbolizes "a new beginning", with 2560 years being about how many days there are in a seven-year period, hence memorializing the Creation that took place in "seven days" --- a year for each day.

Observe that an overlap of one month (30 days), therefore, occurs between the years 6 BC and AD 2555 (2560 years). This is because the 4000-calendar from the Exodus will not complete its first cycle until AD 2555 thereby being ahead of the Creation-calendar by one leap-month all during this 2560-year span. This means that currently, and for the next 560 years, there is a one-month gap between the two calendars. 

The creation date is not based upon biblical chronology, although it is certainly in the right ballpark. The creation date of 4006 BC is mainly based upon the deduction that a calendar from creation should both weave into the time of the exodus and the birth of Christ, and this one does both exceedingly well. However, the exodus date is the only calendar date that is clearly established by the bible itself. The creation date is only inferred, although strongly so. For more about this, and why the exodus date, see, "What Year are We in According to the 360 Calendar?"

Concerning the 3840-year cycles, I have come to favor the 4000-year cycles for its simplicity over the 3840-cycles, and simplicity is important for a calendar. After that are the 100,000-year cycles. Thus, 40 and 4000 and 100,000-year cycles. Beyond that I may have gone too far. I may yet put all other information on this website in archive. I am not as convinced of the 3840 cycles as I once was. It works just like I said, but it lacks simplicity, something I underestimated for significance. Also, when the calendar gets into cycles that run into the trillions of years, the symmetry exhibited might largely be due to the quirks of numbers. Numbers can do strange things by their very nature! See, "What Year are We in According to the 360 Calendar?"


3. You may find it interesting that the great tsunami that killed 300,000 on Dec. 26, 2004 was 1,260,000 days (Rev. 12) from Nisan 14 (360-calendar) of the Passover of the Exodus, and eve of the 10th plague upon Egypt. Click here for more on that. (This third note has been adjusted by 30 days since it was written. However, the meaning is still the same, just a little longer to explain. The symbolic day-year for the actual day of the tsunami is the reason why, and also see the above note.)


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